A letter from a Chinese lady to the foreigner

Because of the new coronavirus in Wuhan, China, my homeland has been highly watched by the world for a while, and I have continuously received messages from relatives and friends in the United States, Canada, Australia, Finland and other countries, expressing their affection, caring and wishing to me and my family. Through these messages and media reports, I also know a lot of foreign news.

For example, the air purifier developed and manufactured by the Mikkeli factory in Finland is effective in controlling coronavirus. I heard that this is the best purifier in the world .It will soon arrive in Wuhan. Countries such as Japan and Belarus sent by air a large amount of medical protective supplies, including masks, protective clothing, goggles and other urgently needed items. Countries such as Germany sent experts to support China, and people in many countries helped local Chinese donate money, send blessing videos, and more.

“Tribulation see true feelings.” At this time, sending coal in the snow made us feel warmer and reminded me of the lyrics “I don’t know who you are, but I know who you are for.” Chinese people know how to be grateful, just as a Chinese saying said “If you give me a drop of water,I will repay you with a lot of spring water. ”

At the same time, we also heard some less friendly news. For example, some Chinese people who were abroad and foreigners who have recently returned from China have been attacked or even treated violently. Some countries and regions refused to sell medical protective equipment to China. Some people in some countries call for rejecting Chinese entry.

In this regard, I understand your feelings, but please believe in the capabilities of the Chinese government, the determination of the Chinese people, and our sense of responsibility for this planet.

The Chinese government has taken a lot of proactive measures quickly, even if it will cause our economy to decline. This fully reflects a country’s global responsibility, including closing crowded places, Chinese tourist attractions and cultural sites, encouraging citizens to stay out at home and extend Chinese New Year holidays, making a series of medical measures to quickly respond to the virus, research and develop new pharmaceutical products.

Since January 2020, my family and I have responded to the country ’s call. We do not go out and stay at home every day, both to protect ourselves and to prevent the spread of the virus. Although it has brought us a lot of inconvenience, we have worked hard to overcome it and try not to harm our planet.

At the same time, no matter poor or rich, “Eight immortals cross the sea, each show their magical powers”, we work together to overcome difficulties.

My younger brother’s wife works in a hospital. She volunteered to work in the most dangerous department to help patients. She only eats two eggs and wears a diaper when she works, because she wants to go to the bathroom less often, which can save protective clothing, masks and other materials.

Before leaving, she kissed and kissed her child, and the child cried because the family of three had to be separated for many days, despite the Spring Festival, the family reunion day.

I said to my sister-in-law, “The child stays in my home, please do not worry. You can work at ease but protect yourself. Our parents have helped many people in the past, so we have a happy life now. You can help many other people now. Your child will also be blessed by you and be helped and taken care by many people. ”

I also do my best to help more people to stablize emotion and reduce stress by writing articles and teaching online, because a good attitude will help physical health, social stability, and peace of mind.

There is an old saying in China, “Sai Wong loses his horse, but he knows that why it is not a blessing?” Through this incident, he also brought us a lot of gains.

The first is to reflect. In the future, we will further improve the scientific response and management of emergencies and we will pay more attention to natural ecological environment protection, and to the establishment of good sanitary habits, etc.

The second is the quiet days staying at home, letting us have more leisure time, reading quietly, listening to music, studying, practicing calligraphy, thinking, etc.with less impetuousness, more calm. Personal ability and literacy have been improved.

The third is to cherish the enjoyment of family fun. Family reunion days make us feel happier. Some families even return to good relationship, like reunion of broken mirrors. Yes, everything happens can help us!

My dear, my country has experienced many major disasters such as the Wenchuan earthquake, SARS, and so on. Please believe that we can defeat the virus this time! If you have a virus case in your country, please don’t complain about the patient, because I believe he or she is inadvertent and a poor virus victim.

At the same time, I also hope that you can protect yourself and your family, that you are safe and healthy, and that you are benefiting the world.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau travels to the Chinese community in Toronto. He emphasized that Canadian society does not allow discrimination based on fear or misinformation.

There are also many children from my home country scattered around the world. I hope you treat them well, just like you treat your own children. Even foreigners who have recently left China, please do not attack them. We fight against viruses, not people. I remember there is a best-selling book in the United States. I like it very much. The title is “Love is the answer to everything.”

My motherland has supported many countries without asking for returns, regardless of donations or technical support, etc. Now that we can get your assistance, it reminds me of a sentence, “Love will return to those who give love. Blessings will be blessed.” We need your help at this time. Helping others is not only achieving ourselves, but also helping our common home — Earth!

Finally, deep blessings and gratitude to you. I will welcome you in China when the spring flowers bloom!

By: Yushou